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Gymette with AFR 1 Swingset

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Gymette with AFR 1 Swingset....................................................... $1286.00

Price includes free delivery and setup within our delivery area.
Modest delivery prices outside our normal delivery route - ask for quote.

Price also includes staining and weather treating of wood- we no longer offer the sets unstained.


Customer Responsibility

Playhouse site must be level, if not level, it must be prepared before delivery. Any questions, ask for delivery crew phone number.
For playhouses, we need clearance as wide as playhouse plus 6 inches.
There is a $40.00 charge for fence removal, but remember, there are some fences we can't remove, so please call with any questions.
An additional $150.00 charge will be added for having to return because of inaccessibility.

Thank you!!!